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Tip of the Month
Spring Thaw Around the Corner                                                                                           Spring Thaw Around the Corner   Water damage claims account for at least 40% of all home insurance claims, and the average cost of such claims has risen 117% over the last 10 years. More Canadians invest in creating another living area in their basements; the greater value in belongings in a high risk area of the home has contributed to these increases. Here are some ways to protect such property: Raise any personal belongings stored in the basement off the floor to prevent potential water damage. If your basement is unfinished, place valuable items on 2X4s or some other type of clearance. If your basement is finished, and you’ve experienced flooding, get as many things as you can lifted off the floor or carpet. If you have a sump pump, make sure it is operating properly, and discharging at least 9 meters from the house foundation, but not running toward someone else’s foundation. Inspect your basement ceiling(s) for leaks after outside garden hose supply line(s) have been turned on in case of a frozen/burst pipe over the winter. Call a licensed plumber immediately if a leak is detected.
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Tip of the Month
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