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Frank Wright is one of the reasons why I feel so lucky to live in Picton.

When Frank says he’ll take care of you, he does.  He and his dedicated staff  at Williamson’s Insurance go above and beyond to ensure that you get the best insurance possible for your needs and take the time to explain the coverage and answer any questions.

And when the terrible day dawned when we had a catastrophic flood,  Frank was the first person on the scene bringing with him reassurance and a sense of calm.

In that moment I KNEW I had chosen exactly the right firm for all my insurance needs.

— Alexandra Bake, Gilbert & Lighthall 

Many people believe that ‘insurance is insurance – it’s all the same’. After a 40-year career in the insurance business myself, I can assure you nothing could be further from the truth.

I have placed my faith in W.H Williamson & Co for many years. Let me tell you a short story: in 2013 there was a fire at Picton Golf & Country Club. The fire was discovered by staff at 6am and called in. As a member of the Board of Directors of the club I too received a call. I raced to the club and found that Frank Wright was already on site. He was there before the fire trucks arrived! As you can imagine, this was a terrible time for the Club. Frank skillfully guided us through the paperwork and the claim process. We received payment of our claim in a timely manner and were able to proceed with the rebuilding. Frank has always taken the time to make sure we understand our coverage and that we have the best coverage for our needs.

I pray no one else has an emergency like this, but if they do I hope they have their coverage with W.H Williamson & Co. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and in your corner. I know from experience!


— Deb Rankin, Picton Golf & Country Club

      It has been a pleasure doing business with Williamson's Insurance for over 40 years. The Staff is what makes the difference. They are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated employees. What makes it ideal for me is the fact that I can call anytime or just drop in and all my questions are answered and insurance needs are met. They always keep me informed of the ever changing insurance business and are willing to help at any time. 

— Jeff Dulmage