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Beware of Stiffer Penalties for Stunt Driving & Speeding

                                                                              Beware of Stiffer Penalties for Stunt Driving & Speeding

It is never wise to take out your frustrations or exhibit risky or reckless behavior when you are behind  the wheel of any vehicle. Now there are stiffer penalties for those who do.

The Moving Ontarians More Safely Act 2021, known as the MOMS Act, defines stronger stunt and aggressive driving penalties for offenders.

Regarding stunt driving, if the posted speed limit is 80 km/hour or higher, the criteria remains driving 80 km/hour that limit.

However, if the posted speed limit is less than 80 km/hour, driving 40 km/hour over that  limit is now classed as stunt driving.

Another change involves impounding vehicles stopped at the roadside by the authorities. Now the limit is 2 weeks, up from 1 week.

If charged with stunt driving, the roadside impoundment is immediate, and includes a 30 day licence suspension.  

The MOMS Act also introduces measures to protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and highway workers, improve truck safety, and strengthen the provincial oversight of the towing sector through the Towing Storage Safety and Enforcement Act 2021.

It targets the worst drivers on the road by creating escalating suspensions for repeat offenders as well.