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                                                                                                                Focus on Road Safety as Seasons Change


The shift in seasons brings shorter daylight hours and dropping temperatures along with seasonal driving hazards such as slippery road surfaces and sun glare which reduces visibility during commutes. Black ice and drifting snow are additional hazards encountered with upcoming winter driving conditions. A recent survey found that 50% of cyclists, 44% of pedestrians, and 44% of drivers feel less safe with the approach of winter. Here is some advice that can lead to a safer road experience for all of us:

Leave more time for you to get from point A to point B.

Install your winter tires as soon as temperatures consistently fall below seven degrees Celsius. Remember, a discount is applied to your auto policy if you use winter tires.

Winterize your vehicle by packing a winter survival kit, installing winter wipers with washer fluid rated for cooler temperatures, and maintaining proper tire pressure.

Start slowing down sooner as you reach a light or cross walk and maintain a safe distance between you and the car ahead (greater than the two second rule.)

Depth perception and visibility can be compromised when driving in the dark. Reduce your usual travel speed to compensate for this.