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What To Do When Water Damage Happens

In 2018, severe weather events cost the Canadian insurance industry $1.8 billion in insured losses – the 4thhighest in Canadian history, with 2016 seeing a record $3.6 billion in losses, and water damage making up a large part of the figure.  More homes have finished basements, complete with big-ticket items and high-end furnishings, leading to ever higher replacement costs. Water damage, coupled with a shortage of contractor availability, means major lifestyle disruption and higher costs for consumers. If, despite your best efforts, you experience water damage in your home, follow these steps:

·       Don’t touch electrical wires, appliances or devices.

·       If  the sanitary sewer backs up into your basement, don’t flush the toilet or turn on any taps, even if you have installed a backwater valve. This will only cause further flooding.

·       Keeping safety in mind, take all reasonable measures to prevent further loss or damage to your property.

·       Separate damaged property from undamaged property, and prepare an inventory of what has been lost or damaged.

·       Take photos of damaged property.

·       Keep receipts of any clean-up costs incurred (e.g., wet/dry vacuum rentals, cleaning supplies, etc.)