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Is Your Boat Winter Ready?

                                                                                             Is Your Boat Winter Ready?


Watercraft of all descriptions, can represent a major investment. Avoid costly surprises when the snow melts with these helpful tips.


  • Clean off your watercraft before storing it away, which helps to prevent deterioration and depreciation.
  • Covering your boat with plastic shrink wrap (the best way), canvas, or fitted covers, provides two benefits:

It prevents small animals from using the watercraft as a winter home, with the resultant undesirable consequences.

It keeps moisture from getting inside which can give rise to mold and mildew. In addition to the obnoxious odour, mold and mildew can permanently damage upholstery. 

  • If possible, have your boat professionally winterized. Getting your boat engine flushed to prevent blockages, fogging the motor, and having fuel stabilizer added to your fuel tanks are recommended.

Remember, damage by vermin, such as rodents, and damage from mold or mildew are exclusions not covered by insurance, so it is wise to take steps to avoid such damage.