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If You Consume Cannabis Don’t Get Behind the Wheel

                                                                            If You Consume Cannabis Don’t Get Behind the Wheel


Prior to legalization of cannabis, 1.9 million Canadians admitted to driving high. Driving under the influence of cannabis is just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol; both are considered Criminal Code convictions. Three new drug related offences have been added, and the code has been revised to allow for roadside testing for drug concentrations. There are specific offences for exceeding the limits for drug concentration, or exceeding the limits for a combination of alcohol and drug concentration. New penalties implemented in July will be stiffened in January, 2019. Any amount of THC can result in impaired driving charges. If convicted, that means your insurer won’t cover any resulting damage to your vehicle and they will drop you as a customer. You will have to go to a high risk market where your premium will skyrocket.

There is “0 tolerance” for those having a graduated driver’s licence  and for commercial drivers; none at all is allowed in their system. The police have the authority to immediately suspend their licence, administer a fine, and have the vehicle towed.

A conviction under any of the drug related offences is subject to an insurance premium surcharge or declination of coverage.

If legalization leads to an increase in roadside accidents, premiums for everyone will increase, not just users.