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Dash Cams and Your Car Insurance

Most insurance companies will accept dash cam video to assist in adjusting accident claims. The video can help prove you weren’t liable and who was at fault in an accident. It can also help protect you against auto fraud – especially staged accidents; for example, someone throwing themselves against the hood of your car and claiming injuries. Estimates suggest as much as 15% of the auto premium you pay is due to fraudulent auto claims. The video can also be useful in determining how your vehicle was damaged while it was parked.

Dash cams range in price from $50 to $500; the higher the price, the more features there  are. They can be installed in the front only, or front and rear. High resolution (1080 pixels), and low light capability for use at night, are recommended. More expensive models have at least 32 GB of memory and a long loop with five minute files to prevent recording over material. The video can be downloaded to a computer or stored in the cloud.