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Are You on Thin Ice?

                                                                                                            Are You on Thin Ice?


Although the calendar still says winter, no ice is without some risk, especially with our wildly fluctuating temperatures. Clear, hard, new ice is the only kind recommended for travel, and it is critical that the ice quality is evaluated before you travel. Here are some recommended minimum ice thicknesses for new, clear, hard ice:

If there is 7 cm (3”) or less, stay off.

Ice fishing, walking or cross country skiing requires at least 10cm (4”).

One snowmobile or ATV type vehicle requires at least 12cm (5”).

A car or small pickup truck requires 20 to 30 cm (8” to 12”).

A medium truck requires 30 to 38 cm (12” to 15”).

Ice fishing, a popular activity, often involves a regular vehicle, snowmobile, or ATV being out on the ice surface. Should the vehicle go through the ice, comprehensive coverage on the vehicle itself is required for insurance to respond to the loss or damage of the vehicle and its extraction from the water.