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Planning A Holiday Party?

If you host an event or party where alcohol is served, you have a legal responsibility to ensure your guests do not drive after drinking. And, If your event requires a liquor permit, your liability exposure is greatly increased. The line between host liability and liquor liability can sometimes be unclear. Party Alcohol Liability coverage is available through a specialty market. Depending on circumstances, coverage  may be included or endorsed on your homeowner’s policy. Check with your broker for details. Here are some tips to reduce your liquor liability exposure.

-Hire a licensed and insured vendor to serve the alcohol.

-Serve drinks rather than having an open bar. That  way you can monitor consumption.

-Serve food, as adequate amounts of food slow down the effects of alcohol.

-Offer plenty of non-alcohol drinks.

-Hold the event early in the day to discourage excessive drinking.

-Provide a list of alternative forms of transportation for guests who have imbibed.