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"Pokemon Go" Poses Risks

                                                             “Pokemon Go” Poses Risks


There are several risks arising from the “Pokemon Go” computer game, including exposure of confidential information, liability exposure, and distracted driving. Augmented reality games usually require your GPS location and a data connection (WiFi or cellular), which means giving access to the app developer to track your whereabouts. By playing these games, you may be allowing the sharing of metadata such as details on who you are, where you live, locations you frequent, who you associate with, time spent in each location, and so on. If you play on a mobile device that you also use for business, then the risk is heightened by the possible exposure of confidential company information.

As more of the augmented reality games emerge, the onus will be on players and property owners to assess their personal risks and take the necessary precautions to minimize their liability exposure.

The game has also become one of the growing dangers of distracted driving. Pokemon appearing on the dashboard of vehicles entices drivers to capture them instead of paying attention to the road. The increase of distracted occurrences have caused many law enforcement agencies to release public safety announcements