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Winter Savvy Driving

According to a national survey, shorter daylight hours, driving through snow, scraping off ice, cold temperatures, and sudden weather changes can adversely affect both driving conditions and the person’s mood behind the wheel.  Adjusting your driving habits and state of mind accordingly will help meet winter’s  driving challenges.

Having your vehicle free of ice and snow, especially as it affects visibility, is a key safety measure. Effective wiper blades and adequate windshield washer fluid greatly improve visibility. Keep an extra set of replacement blades in your winter safety kit and an extra jug of fluid in your trunk.

If you are found to be at fault in an accident, and your visibility was affected by a buildup of ice or snow, you could be charged with driving with an obstructed view. Without claims protection coverage, your premium could increase as much as 30% with one at-fault accident.

Other common sense tips, regardless of the weather are: tire rotation every 5 months (to ensure even wear), annual brake inspection (squealing brakes mean the pads need replacing), and regular oil changes (you have 2 weeks from the time the message “oil needs changing soon”). 

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