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GPS Safety Tips to Deter Thieves

Summer is in full swing & many people are vacationing. Those who are GPS owners may be providing burglars with the technological equivalent of an open window. Here are some savvy tips to follow:

  • Program your home address somewhere close to home rather than your actual address.
  • Check your mobile phone and GPS for giveaway signs of your home address. Also mobile phone GPS users should check for other hints , such as a calendar that shows you are away.
  • If you are able to take your device out of your car, make sure you do so whenever you leave your vehicle.
  • Wipe away “sucker marks” on the windshield that are an obvious clue you have a GPS and hide away any cables.
  • Never leave keys in your car – even hidden away in the glove box. Thieves know this is a common practice.
  • Likewise don’t hide keys around your property. Leave them with a friendly neighbour instead.