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Top 4 Driving Mistakes of Young Drivers

Now that spring has sprung, young drivers are eager to get their wheels on the road. The Number 1 culprit leading to mistakes and tickets or worse, is the cell phone. NNID, (Not Now I’m Driving) is the text message which should be sent before the young driver gets behind the wheel. To resist temptation, the phone could be in a bag in the back seat and turned on silent.

Number 2 is dealing with inclement weather. Extra caution, alertness and skills are required. Defensive driving courses which teach how to handle skids and deal with other potential hazards are very beneficial.

Number 3 is lack of confidence. Practice and experience will improve confidence, as well as corrective criticism from parents.

Number 4 is known as drifting. Inexperienced drivers must keep their eyes straight ahead and use their peripheral vision to avoid drifting. Otherwise, their hands will go where their eyes are going. Being aware of these mistakes and taking appropriate corrective measures will make the roads safer for everyone.