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A Double Hazard of Winterís Icy Grip

If you currently glance along the eave lines of many homes and buildings, prominent ice buildup including major icicles are very obvious. This phenomenon, commonly known as “ice-damming”, presents a two-fold hazard. When temperatures fluctuate, the resulting freeze/thaw cycle may force water to back up and seep into the dwelling. Damage to the roof, ceilings, walls and contents of the home may result. Ice dam coverage is not automatically included in all home insurance policies, and it must be in place before such a loss occurs. Also, falling icicles may cause serious injury or even death to anyone walking or standing beneath them. For the homeowner or building owner, this is definitely a liability risk. Removal of the bulk of snow after a storm, as well as proper maintenance of eaves troughs downspouts and having adequate roof insulation and ventilation help prevent ice damming to start with. If you cannot safely remove the snow and/or ice, it is recommended to have a professional do it.