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Tip of the Month
Thinking of Buying a Used Vehicle?                                                                                               Thinking of Buying a Used Vehicle?   Beware of flood damaged vehicles heading to Ontario. Approximately one million such vehicles damaged by recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma are supposed to be branded salvage and used for parts only. Loopholes will allow some to escape that branding, and may be ultimately exported to parts of Canada, including Ontario. Flood damage essentially fries the electronic  system of the vehicle and also may cause the air bags to malfunction. Follow these tips to protect yourself against unknowingly acquiring a flood damaged vehicle. Registered car dealers must divulge where the vehicle came from. Check the vehicle for mould and mildew, rust, grit, and water stains. Look for debris in the spare tire. Have the vehicle checked by a reputable mechanic. Purchase a vehicle history report. A used vehicle information package is available from the MTO which will help to determine if it is imported.
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